3i Law Overview

At 3i Law, we take pride in being more than just attorneys to our clients. We help them navigate complex and sensitive legal issues with a focus on providing efficient, innovative, and practical solutions that empower them for long-term success.

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Our Philosophy

We are powered by an ongoing commitment to collaboration, creativity, quality, and compassion for our clients. Innovation, integration and integrity are the guiding principles of 3i Law. We bring these tenets to life daily in every interaction, big and small, with our clients.

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Worldwide Experience

Our practice serves clients around the nation and across the globe. Our diverse and multi-lingual team works with many countries including Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Peru and over twenty companies in Africa.

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Practice Areas

3i Law is equipped to provide efficient, innovative, and practical solutions in every area of our practice.

We help our clients constantly adapt and evolve to remain competitive through every stage of every transaction for their business.

Having an experienced attorney looking out for your best interests is vital when it comes to civil litigation matters in business.

We help our clients manage the risks that can come with a global economy while maximizing the prospects that a worldwide scale can offer.

We focus on a broad range of immigration, citizenship, and visa issues for businesses and individuals across the nation.

We help clients protect the their intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets and domain names.

Protecting your assets and wealth is essential and requires careful financial, estate planning and tax strategies.

Our clients depend on us to ensure that all aspects of their real estate dealings are sound and that their interests are protected.

In the face of technological innovation, our team is uniquely equipped to address space and telecommunications law issues.

We make it our job to understand the intricacies of both foreign and domestic tax laws so that businesses can participate in the global economy.

Innovation | Integration | Integrity