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Are the FAA’s Drone Regulations Holding the Industry Back?

On March 30, 2023, the US Congress’ Subcommittee on Aviation held a hearing to discuss the FAA’s role in regulating drones. The hearing had a very Washington-ian title: “Harnessing the Evolution of Flight to Deliver for the American People.’’ The Subcommittee’s chairman, Representative Garret Graves (LA), set the tone in his opening statement when he said: “We cannot allow the opportunities these (drone) technologies provide to our constituents to be stifled by endless red tape and requests for more data and studies… The last thing we need is the FAA’s lack of leadership and its unwillingness to accept new ideas to drive the next great age of aviation out of America.” From the FAA’s perspective, the hearing was, unfortunately, all downhill from there. And when discussing aviation, downhill is never a good thing.

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Zach Doughtery

Zach Dougherty is an attorney at 3i Law where he focuses his practice on transactional corporate and real estate law, with a specialization in uncrewed aerial systems (UAS, or drones). He serves on the board of Mountain West UAS and is a regular speaker at drone industry events, including Law-Tech Connect at the annual XPONENTIAL Conference and the annual Mountain West UAS Roundup. Zach also presents FAA continuing education sessions and has been featured on Denver 7, NBC Bay Area, and Fox 5 DC speaking on corporate and drone law.

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