Deliveries by drones is coming faster than you think [Denver 7]

Featured on Denver 7 “Driving You Crazy” Podcast

We keep hearing about deliveries coming by drone. Everything from Pizza to your Amazon package to life saving medical supplies. As the technology takes off, there are a web of legal questions surrounding drone deliveries. Zach Dougherty, attorney at Denver’s 3i Law who specializes in uncrewed aerial systems joins the podcast to explain all the issues. All that and more on the Driving You Crazy Podcast.

Listen to the full episode here, or on your favorite podcasting platform.


Zach Dougherty Headshot
Zach Dougherty

Zach Dougherty is an attorney at 3i Law where he focuses his practice on transactional corporate and real estate law, with a specialization in uncrewed aerial systems (UAS, or drones). He serves on the board of Mountain West UAS and is a regular speaker at drone industry events, including Law-Tech Connect at the annual XPONENTIAL Conference and the annual Mountain West UAS Roundup. Zach also presents FAA continuing education sessions and has been featured on Denver 7, NBC Bay Area, and Fox 5 DC speaking on corporate and drone law.

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