The Business Side of Law: Chuong Le Of 3i Law On 5 Things You Need To Create Or Lead A Successful Law Firm [Authority Magazine]

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“It took the global pause during the 2020 COVID lockdowns for me to revisit that fundamental question: “Why am I a lawyer?” The stark realization hit me that the fundamental problem in the legal delivery business model is accessibility. If I didn’t address the gap in legal accessibility, perhaps no one would.”

– Managing Partner Chuong Le on the moment of clarity that led to the beginning of 3i Law.

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Chuong Le is the managing partner of 3i Law, where he advises clients in the areas of private client services, corporate law, and cross-border transactions. He has represented individuals and multi-generational families in legacy planning, public and private foundations, charitable giving and tax planning. Chuong has also represented domestic and international companies during startup and formation, corporate restructures, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, import and export, and provided counsel to companies entering emerging markets, restructures, succession planning and growth strategies. Additionally, Chuong has also worked with companies in various phases of real estate holdings and investments. He emphasizes providing his clients with personal attention and an innovative and comprehensive approach to helping them meet their business and legal needs. He is dedicated to understanding the challenges that clients face on a regular basis and working closely with them to assist ina chieving their goals.

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