The Impact of H-1B Lottery on Employers and Foreign Workers [Enterprise Radio]

Featured on Enterprise Radio

This week on Enterprise Radio, 3i Law Partner Jennifer Wadhwa dives into the impact of the H-1B lottery on employers and foreign workers.

➡ What is the H-1B program and why should employers care?
➡ What types of jobs and employers are a good fit for the H-1B program?
➡ How does the H-1B program help employers find and retain talent?
➡ What is Legal Counsel’s role in the H-1B process?
➡ What are some recent changes and trends in the H-1B program?

The deadline to register for cap-subject H-1Bs is noon EST on March 22, 2024.

Listen to the full segment on Enterprise Radio Network or on your favorite podcast platform.


Jennifer Wadhwa HeadshotGuest

Jennifer Wadhwa leads 3i Law’s immigration practice, which focuses on representing individuals, serial entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and early-stage growth companies in securing U.S. visas, green cards, and citizenship applications for employees and family members.

In addition to her direct representation in immigration matters, Jennifer practices in employment and labor law. She provides I-9 audits and employment law training to ensure that business clients understand the legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements for employing workers in the United States. She has also represented plaintiffs in employment discrimination cases.

Jennifer is also a seasoned HR professional with more than 10 years of experience working with pre-IPO start-ups and Fortune Global 500 companies in computer software and information technology services. In those roles, Jennifer facilitated the corporate immigration practice with outside counsel to secure both immigrant and non-immigrant visas for non-U.S. workers.

In her practice, Jennifer provides accessible, high-touch legal services to ensure that clients are heard, informed, and supported throughout their immigration process.

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